Health Insurance Carrier Changes for 2016

This only applies to people covered by individual medical policies under the age of 65.

Many people are currently receiving confusing and frightening letters from their health insurance company. There are and will be many changes for 2016 and we are aware you may be getting letters your policy will be cancelled the end of the year or that you will have to choose a new plan. The state of Colorado has not yet approved and released all the plans for 2016, we are hopeful that this will be completed in 30-45 days and that we will be able to start looking at options at that time. We completely understand the delays resulting from this process can cause frustration and anxious feelings, as we experience the same. Please know that we do need to wait until all options are available to ensure you the best possible options are presented.

This is where each company stands to date:

Most Cigna and all Assurant clients will need to choose a new plan. All of the people on the western slope and many on the front range with Cigna are on a “grandmothered plan”. Due to state and federal legislature all of these plans are forced to cancel 12/31/2015. Assurant Health has made the decision to completely exit the individual health insurance market, this will be effective 12/31/2015.

Anthem will have many new plans available.
Kaiser, Humana and United Health One have not yet given us any information as to their new plans. Many with these companies are also covered by “grandmothered plans” which like the Cigna plans will be forced into cancellation 12/31/2015. Rocky Mountain, Anthem, and Humana are all non-renewing many of it’s ACA (Affordable Care Act) Plans and will offer new options for 2016.

Colorado HealthOp and Access Health Colorado will also offer options.

We will be happy to shop all the options for anyone interested as soon as they are available. If you would like to be added to the the list and for us to automatically start looking for options for you, please contact us. We will need to know any specific coverage aspects you would like, if you expect to be eligible for a subsidy , who all we need to quote coverage for, and if you expect any medical care in the coming year. We will be happy to answer any questions you have on this.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and your patience as we all manuever another open enrollment period.

How will the new coding affect you?

This article only shows one side of the coding debate. It does not address the considerable costs medical professionals are facing due to having to purchase new systems, additional payroll costs, and other items. I have personally spoken to providers who have had to discontinue offering Medicare services, due to these costs.
What do you think, where do you stand, and how doe it make you feel?

How can filing an extension on your taxes affect your subsidy?

For everyone receiving a subsidy for your health insurance. If you obtained an extension on filing your income taxes, consider filing the federal tax form by August, if not sooner. It can take the IRS three to twelve weeks to process a return and further delay may impact your ability to auto renew. This may mean having to complete the PEAK applications more often than normal or receiving an incorrect subsidy amount.

Last day to apply for coverage effective 1/1/2015.

Today is the last day, to apply for coverage to start 1/1/2015. Any applications received after today will be effective 2/1/2015.

Open enrollment for health insurance, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D are upon us.

2014 FPLMedicare Advantage and Part D systems are operational. Please contact us if you are interested in making a change and we have not already discussed changing your policy and looked at options. We will need a full list of your current prescriptions with dosage and how often used. Open enrollment closes 12/7/2014.

We are certified to sell plans on the marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado. The application deadline to apply for health insurance to be effective 1/1/15 is 12/15/14, open enrollment will continue through 2/15/2015. Connect for Health Colorado (the marketplace) is operational and we can help you to complete your applications for insurance with a subsidy now. You only need to purchase coverage through Connect for Health if you are applying for a subsidy. The rates are NOT less through Connect for Health than off. There are companies available off of the marketplace that are not on it. We do not have all the plans and rates for all carriers off of the marketplace at this time. We expect this to be available at any moment and will start sending quotes to everyone we have already spoken to about renewals and changes as soon as we can. If you are interested in making a change or purchasing new coverage and have not already discussed this with us, please let us know as soon as possible. Everyone waiting for quotes, please be patient we will have them to you when the plans are all available.

In order to qualify for a subsidy, your 2015 family modified adjusted gross income must be expected to be at 400% of the Federal Poverty Rate or below (see chart attached), you must not be eligible for coverage through your employer that is deemed affordable, and you must file taxes jointly if married. Please note if your final income is higher than estimated your subsidy will be recalculated and corrected accordingly when you file taxes. If you believe you will qualify for a subsidy the first required step is to apply for and be declined by Medicaid. Please go to, set up and account (if you do not have one) and complete your PEAK application. Make sure you do this as soon as possible, as last year we saw the system become harder to manage and slower as time went on and more people were trying to access it. Please make sure you mark that you are applying for medical benefits. If you decide to go this route, please let us know once you have completed that application so we can follow-up accordingly. This can be a very confusing process and there are many requirements, please contact us with your questions and concerns.