Extending non-grandfathered plans another year, could be good news for you!

Good news for those on Cigna and Anthem, you may be able to have one more year on your non-grandfathered plan! We are waiting final decision from carriers, as these changes require a large administrative adjustment.

What is the REAL cost for not having health insurance

The penalty for not having coverage can be more that the $95.00 it may be 1% of income. On top of that the 2014 open enrollment period ends 3/31/2014. Starting April 1, 2014 tot he end of the year the only way to purchase coverage will be if you have a qualifying life even i.e. marriage, birth of child, loss of job.

This article explains in more depth.


Latest Healthcare Reform changes

For many this is excellent news, and may greatly help to control costs. Many have found that the new ACA – Affordable Care Act plans are more expensive than the insurance they have now, due to the fact they do not qualify for a subsidy.
Insurance companies are still processing this information with the state Division of Insurance and legal teams to determine how this affects their business processes. The Colorado Division of Insurance will determine if and which carriers do in fact extend their plans.  In practice, the this change may have a limited impact as the extension is optional.  It will be some time before we know what the renewals on these plan will be and how this decision will affect the final cost, but at least there is an option.
How does this latest change make you feel about the health insurance industry and the laws that govern it?

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