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Travel Safe during COVID

Our world is opening up, and many are starting to travel. There is some concern with traveling considering COVID and the muations You can protect yourself and your family with Travel Insurance including COVID.

Getting information and applying is quick and easy!

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Travel Insurance with COVID Protection.

Medicare Special Open Enrollment

We wanted to notify you that there may be a unique opportunity to change your Medicare Supplement Plan which may result in a premium savings.

Colorado currently has a special open enrollment period in which you may change your Medicare Plan F to a Medicare Plan G with no medical underwriting. The coverage difference between Plan F and Plan G is that Plan F covers the Part B deductible and Plan G does not. The Part B deductible is currently $203, The deductible can be changed by the federal government, but in all the years of Medicare it is still only at $203. All other coverage details remain the same.

If you are interested in a quote to consider changing your plan, please let us know.

Biden Changes to Healthcare

The current Administration has implemented some important changes to ObamaCare through the American Rescue Plans Act (ARP Act). Please read through the following paragraphs for benefits that may affect you or those you care about.

The first change was to update subsidies and change the rule for who applies. The 400% poverty level limit has been removed from the calculation and replaced with a new calculation in which they determine affordability based on your income and current plan rates in your area. In order to take advantage of these new benefits, you must have your plan purchased through Connect for Health Colorado (C4HCO). This affects 2 separate groups of people.

1) If you already have a plan through C4HCO you can log into your account and update your 2021 application to see what your new benefits will be. We do advise waiting until 5/15/21 or later to complete this as the system is expected to have a simplified application in place at that time. You can also do nothing at this time, any subsidies you would have been eligible for will be able to be claimed when you file your 2021 taxes.

2) If your current plan was not purchased through C4HCO, or you do not currently have insurance, we will want to get you set up. These applications will be available in the C4HCO system as of 4/15/2021.

Your first step would be to create (if you do not already have one) an account at, Click on Login in the upper right hand corner and then log in or click on Create a New Account. Once logged in you will select to Apply for 2021 coverage. You will come to a section that wants you to choose a broker, this is where you will add us so we can assist you in your plan choice. You can enter Kelly‚Äôs State License #53570 or Stacey’s state license #66726 then click Search for Broker, that will bring up our information so you can authorize us (you will be asked to authorize and then confirm). The system will continue with a few more questions about you personally and your income (Modified Adjusted Gross Income). Let us know once you have completed this application so we can help you work through the next steps. Side Note: When you complete this application, if your income is not consistent or you are self employed, we recommend that you enter your income slightly higher than you think it actually will be. This will help protect you from having a large tax bill due to your subsidy. If you estimate your income too low and therefore accept too much subsidy you will end up paying back the difference when you file your taxes as this is when the government reconciles your subsidy level. On the flip side, if you take less subsidy than you end up qualifying for, you will be able to take the difference as a tax credit. Please also keep in mind you are calculating the income you will receive for the same year you have coverage.

For everyone currently insured directly with the carriers instead of through C4HCO, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies has confirmed any deductible you have already met will be credited to your C4HCO policy, as long as your new plan is with the same carrier.

Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or once you have completed your Connect for Health Account so we can further assist you in making sure you have the best coverage and premium available.

2018 Health Insurance Rate Sneak Peak

The Colorado Division of Insurance has released the 2018 requested rate increases from carriers. The good news is, as of now, each county in Colorado will have at least one carrier available. The individual market is looking at just under 27% average increase while the group market is looking at just under 7.5% average. This means if you own a business or your employer is willing to be educated on group health insurance, this is a great time to talk. Please let us know when you would like to research this opportunity.

Health Plans Available in Colorado for 2018

The Colorado Division of Insurance has confirmed there will be at least 1 carrier in all counties of Colorado for 2018. This is a huge relief as there was much concern that many Western Slope counties would not have any carriers at all. This is a breath of relief as we all brace for the increases costs.

No insurers leaving Colorado health exchange in 2018, commissioner says